Beliefs and Goals

3 Questions to ask yourself about your beliefs. What are my beliefs? Where did my beliefs come from? Are they my own beliefs? To help answer these questions, take a close look at your results, your current results are a reflection on your deep inner beliefs. It’s our deep inner Beliefs in our sub conscious mind that drives our actions … Read More

Safety in Numbers and Law of Averages

“SINALOA” Safety in Numbers and Law of Averages Takes the right mindset for this to be simple and fun 🙂 Remember your business isn’t made or broken with one person Posture- attitude that you are going to the TOP no matter what! The ones you think will, won’t the ones you think won’t, will… so don’t prejudge…people can often surprise … Read More

The Seven Truths of Network Marketing

1. Network Marketing is a business. You’ve got to understand the game your playing. Consume every page in Listen to your training audio’s again & again & again. Attend the Tuesday and Thursday calls, and the Saturday morning call. Some of you have team calls participate, you become like those around you. 2. Freedom by the numbers. Understand the … Read More

Why Belief Is The Game Changer

Why do some people get into immediate action, while others just get ready to get ready? One of the secrets to getting into action! Your belief and speaking with conviction makes YOU believable. There are 5 areas of belief that need to be in place for success: Company Products Compensation plan Industry network You If all are 10/10 in all … Read More

A Simple Business Model

3 Magical questions that will create a strong customer base and strong residual income… Can I ask you a Question? Do you or anyone you know drink coffee? 90% say yes Do you drink regular,decaffeinated,or Slim Roast? They will always ask whats slim roast? It’s the newest coffee on the market that helps people lose pounds and inches while experiencing … Read More

4 Skills To Be Successful

There are 4 critical skills that you need in order to be more successful in both your network marketing business, and also your personal life. That skill set is Personal Development. You have heard Every Leader speak about mindset and personal growth a lot and how it relates to growing your business and becoming a professional. There are 4 Steps … Read More