About Bill MacMunn



Bill and Avril MacMunn have six children between them, a grandson and another grandchild on the way. Bill has spent over 30 years in the corporate world as a General Manager in the automotive industry, coaching, sales training & mentoring some of the top professionals but always building someone else’s dream. Bill realized 20 years ago he would need a plan B as there is no retirement program working in the automotive industry.  When he discovered Network Marketing he knew that was the answer.  Bill built a full time income working the business part time in 3 separate companies.  Bill understands it”s about teamwork and inspiring others to lead their best life.

Today the reality of our world has changed thanks to “Valentus”! This company is founded on Integrity, honour & strong family values. Our Leadership team is the fastest growing team because of the training and support we offer. I believe we will create more six and seven figure earners than any other network marketing company.  We will accomplish this by expanding the network around the world with products that just simply work and a culture where every person is valued and appreciated, a place to call home.

It doesn’t matter what your age is, it doesn’t matter what your background is everyone has the same opportunity to win at Valentus. Everything you have ever done before this has prepared you for today, Partner with us and let’s change lives together!

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